Dec 042010

And now, children, a word about beer. Even in these times of recession, unemployment, shit wages, nonexistent benefits, rapacious insurance agencies, and politicians with less intellect than the residents of a common petri dish, there is still solace to be found in the sudsy amber glow of BEER. Ever sidle up to the bar, place your order and find yourself growing a little misty at the site of a well-filled pint coming your way? Maybe you get a little choked up? No, it’s not thirst that’s caught you. It’s the expectation of relief, confirmed by the first sip, which seems to course its way past every nerve, singing its song:

“It’s gonna be okay…”

After a day of hard, mind-numbing, soul-crushing work at the jooooooob, you look the bartender in the eye, utter your fancy (“I’ll have a Lager” or “Pabst, please!”) and suddenly life is once again pregnant with possibilities.

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